German Shepherd Dog Questions

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German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd Dog Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 2/9/2005
We have 2 adult shepards.They are male and female.They just had a litter and we are keeping the puppies.What is the best way to introduce the father to the puppiesw?Will he feel threatened by the male? Will he recognize them as his own? We thank you for any info. you may be able to give us.

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2/9/05 since i do not know the temperment of your shepherds i may give you the wrong addvice. I will tell you that our alsatian shepalutes have puppies naturally in dens made out of wood though some females do prefer to dig a den under the den we provide. all the dogs are together in a six foot chain link fence which incloses approx. 1/4 acrea. sometimes we have to seperate the pregnant female from the pack but the father or any male has always been accepted by the pregnant females. before and after the pups have been born. our females do not feel threatened by the males and our males do not care about the pups. once a young male bounded into the mothers kennel and went straight for the den, the mother didnt care and the pups were about 5 weeks old. the young male entered the den as he has always done before but this time there were some puppies in there. the den is large enough for 4 adult dogs. anyways, the male all the sudden stopped smelled the pups and slowly backed out. after he was out lois
3/6/05 I have tryed raising two female shepherds together that were about the same age. They loved each other, but were always going at it, trying to dominate each other. If you are lucky, all of your dogs will get along great, but there is a pretty good chance you may have some fights along the way. If you do not plan to neuter the male pup, his father may eventually become untolerant of him. I don't know of many people that can keep two adult, intact males together, especially around females. Good luck with whatever you do! Kristen
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3/6/05 If the Sire of this litter is NOT an alpha male, I believe your pups and he will be fine with the male sons. (the females are no problem) I kept a male from the first litter - he is now 27 months old - and he and his Sire are getting along fine. I keep them toghether ALL the time so they don't become 'individuals'. They sleep in my room, they travel with me 24/7. The Sire is the boss though. gina