German Shepherd Dog Questions

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German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd Dog Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/16/2005
At what age should the ears on my German Shepherd puppy be standing upright?

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2/9/05 i personally like to see the ears on my dogs stand up at eight weeks old! I think everyone would like such a strong set of ears on thier dogs. I have found that if the ears on my dogs do not go up before 8 months of age they will not go up at all. some owners like to tape a weak eared dogs ears up, but i don't. lois
9/12/05 Mypuppies ear stand up at 8 weeks then they fall and go back and forth for serveral weeks. sometimes around 4 to 6 month when they are cuting teeth they fall if not up by 6 months you may want a vet to tape them if you want to make sure they stand. Malinda
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