German Shepherd Dog Questions

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German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd Dog Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 11/14/2004
We have a female white german shepherd that is 18 months old. She has been spayed. She is so hyper and wild we can't bring her inside unless we can watch her constantly. Our vet told us that this breed tends to be very high strung and that she may not calm down even after she turns 2, which is the age everyone says they do. Has anyone else had the same experience and what have you done to help solve the problem? We do play fetch with her everyday and she has been through obediance training.

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11/19/04 I recommend that you purchase and put into action the information in a book by Jan Fennell called The Dog Listener. Rachel Rachel
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12/19/04 keep pushing on with the training. Some dogs are naturally hyper and never grow out of it while others will occasionally "grow up" Sandra
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2/9/05 I shall tell you personal stories that i have encountered over my 30 years in training. Most of the folks that have come to me with hyper shepherds did not have the time nor the patience to spend training these dogs. many were pysically exhausted and gave up. the dogs thrashed the back yard, ran after children and attacked adults. the back yards were taken completely over by the dog. then they came to me. for most of the owners they were not willing to go on. the phsical ness of the trainings, the barking, whinning. Many came to me for help and i told them to truth and the facts. If you really want the dog you must do something, if you can not take it, find a good home now! then search for a dog that fits your needs and if you cant spend a lot of time training a dog get a mellow breed. the german shepherd is a working dog and those who own shepherds need to work them. If you are adimit about this breed, find an american line of shepherds as they are more mellow. do your research more e lois
3/6/05 I have had Shepherds for 6 years now, and have only had 1 that I would call the least bit mellow, and she was American lines. All of my other Shepherds have been from high drive working lines, and they are very active, and persistant. I would say your female may calm down some, but will always be active and need a lot of attention. If you do consider a new puppy, you might watch for the calmer pup in the litter. A german shepherd should NEVER be shy, though, so don't confuse a timid pup for a calmer disposition. I also agree with everyone elses advice, so far. Kristen
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9/19/05 My beautiful 23 month old boy is Hypo and so full on he is real testy sometimes, but his temperment is very gentle and he is a 1 on 1 therapy dog. He knows when he can be an idiot and when he has to be a gentleman. I am hoping (everyone keeps saying) that come 3 he will calm down, it is because the German Lines take longer to mature than the Australian Lines, but I just think it is him he is just overactive and the way to calm him or quieten him is to take him to the paddack for about 15 - 20 minutes of chasing the ball with the other dog. That fixes him for a while Annette