German Shepherd Dog Questions

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German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd Dog Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 3/29/2006
I have a large dog with hip displacia. He is a german shepherd mix and cant excersice like a regular dog, my vet has asked me not to walk him and to keep his actvities minimal. ( eventualy he will be having hip surgery but he is only 8 months and we must weight until he is full grown) So I hate to see him in the house all day he is a happy and spirited puppy and is easily boared outside but needs the fresh air. I am eight months pregnant with my second child and can't play fetch or tug with him right now. What can i get him for outside that he won't destroy with is awsome teeth and yet will keep him active and interested out doors. He is on a long leash outside since my house has no fence and I rent. I am right across from a middle school so those ball fethers don't work for me. Any idea's will be helpful. my e-mial is please anyone I really hate to see him so sad and laying around all day it's not right for such a young dog. Thank you.

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5/7/06 Have you tried letting him swim? Also, you can get those neat toys that are like treat puzzles that they have to figure out how to get the treat out. Big large marrow bones are wonderful them as well. Ask your butcher about cow femur bones. He can lick the marrow out, munch on the outer bone yet not get choked or hurt. They love these bones. Car rides are fun for them as well. Good Luck! lori
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