German Shepherd Dog Questions

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German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd Dog Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 3/10/2006
what is the proper age for breeding a male german shepherd?

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3/12/06 I start my males young. The ideal situation is the start the young male with a proven older female. She will help the male thru the first breeding process. I start them around 9 months old. You can check with AKC or UKC to see what the minimum age is that they will accept for registration purposes. Good luck. Rachel
RaeLew Kennels
3/17/06 Hwllo- With my males i do not ever breed before they are 2 years old and OFA is final. I have never had a problem. They seem to just know what to do. Other breeder that i know will breed there males at 15 months ofter OFA prelimbs are done. I would talk to your vet also and see what they think. I like to make sure there is not hip problems before ever breeding a dog of any type. good luck. Malinda
Weberhaus german shepherds
4/4/06 Mine aren't bred until OFA are done at 2 yrs. Angela
Vom Landholz GSD's
5/11/10 the german way is to wait till 2 years on the males and 22 months on females. and yes they should be hip cert, first before breeding. the german A stamp can be done at 12 months, bea
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