German Shepherd Dog Questions

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German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd Dog Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/17/2006
8 year old male German Sheperd, (Jerry Lee) started limpimg 5 days ago, the swelling until 2 days ago, paw now half way up right hind leg, weight loss badly, very weak. I am wondering bone cancer, but need knowledge on how fast bone cancer spreads, All the syptoms has happened with in the last 2 weeks. Jerry weighted about 120 pounds now he would weigh 80 pounds, he does not bark at all now, would bark at a birds or a leave blowing in the air or ground, very very active dog until the last 2 weeks. Thank you Lisa in Ohio

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1/18/06 You better see a vet. Sounds more like an infection. Harry
vom Bayou Land