English Springer Spaniel Questions

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English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniel Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 5/8/2005
Hi I have a lovely liver and white Springer Spaniel who will be 13 years old tomorrow, May 9. I would like to know if mixing a raw beaten egg with her meal will improve her coat? She loves to walk (trots-seldom walks) and she is in good shape other wise.

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5/20/05 Congrats on having a senior Springer! What type of food are you currently using? If you have coat problems or issues I would first look at what is going into your dog, as that will determine the health of the coat. Poor quality kibble cannot be "fixed" by adding an egg. You should look into BIOTIN, VIT. E SUPPLEMENTS, OMEGA 3 FATTY ACID SUPPLEMENTS, B VITAMIN SUPPLEMENTS, FLAX SEED OIL. These all wok with the body to improve coat. But, THE VERY FIRST THING I would dois, LOOK AT THE LABEL ON YOUR CURRENT DOG FOOD! Learn how to read it and what it means. Check out articles in THE WHOLE DOG JOURNAL for in depth information of packaged dog foods. Hope this helps! Ron
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