Dalmatian Questions

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Dalmatian Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 5/20/2004
I have heard quite a few times in the past weeks that Dalmaions are the highest on turning on their owners. I have a 17 month old female. who has been teased and is agressive when anyone gets near myself or boyfriend? And she also is that way when one of us is lying down and she is lying down too. what advise do you have?

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5/16/05 I saw your question today for the first time. Dals can be aggressive and often this is in the breeding. I hope that is not your case. Correcting the problem when it happens is your best course .. When my dogs get too playful I tell them NO!!!To sit and usually get their attention with a rolled up newspaper slapped on my hand. Pretty soon the NO! will end the bad behavior. Susan