Doberman Questions

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Doberman Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 5/21/2004
I recently purchased a Doberman puppy. Just thought I'd tell you. Okay, toodles or should I say "poodles?" Hahahahahaha!

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12/8/05 I feed my Doberman Eukanuba and rice. I cook him a pot of rice every 2 days and mix it in with his dog food. 3/4 dog food and 1/4 rice. Sometimes when I cook his rice I add a beef or chicken bullion cube for flavor. He is 15 months old and all muscle at 105 lbs. The rice is good in that it makes trips to pet store for food less frequent. Rice is inexpensive and good for the dog. I go to Sam's club and buy a 25lb. bag of rice for under 10 dollars. Ronald