Doberman Questions

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Doberman Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 4/4/2005
I'm concidering mating my dog. She hasn't had her first heat yet and would appreciate any info has to how to select a stud and if I should wait until her second heat, etc. thanks for your input. PDT

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4/11/05 Personally, I wait till my females are 2 years old before I breed them. If you breed them in their second heat when they're only about a year old, it's like breeding a 7 year old human girl. They're not mature enough to know what to do when the pups arrive. I've been breeding dobermans since 1991 and never had problems with my mother dogs if I wait till they are 2 and only breed them once a year till they are about 5 or 6 years old. Then I retire them. Lisa and Ernie
The Dobieden
2/18/08 I personally don't agree with the other reply to your question. A 7 year old girl hasn't had her first period yet, so you cannot compare a 7 year old girl to a Dobermans having their 2nd heat! That whole 'dog years' thing about 1 dog year being equal to 7 people years is silly!!! A Doberman has their first heat around 9 months, so a 9 month old Doberman is as physically mature as a 12 year old girl. A 15 month old Doberman having their 2nd heat is about equal to a 16 year old girl. At these ages, both are basically grown, but still will mature a bit before they are 'finished'. If you wait until the third heat to breed your dog, which usually comes around 21 months or close to 2 years, this would be like a 21 year old girl having a baby- she should be ready physically and mentally. I know that you asked this questions A LONG time ago, but I just saw it now and thought you deserved a better answer! I hope my reply puts into better perspective the way 'dog years' work! Pia
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