Doberman Questions

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Doberman Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/14/2011
hi my name is jazmine ringo i have a question i have a doberman about 6 years old his name is max we have had him for about 8months and the man we got him from lied to us and said he had no problems not mean or a bitty well we quickly learned he lies max is very mean quick to bite he have bite my hand and husbands arms many times he attacked are little dog almost killed him we all so found out the man was not feeding him and ceeped him on a quarter acre we have a acre . we have been working with him and he is getting better (i want to know will fixing he help?) are little dog is we got him that way thank you for your time

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6/6/11 Fixing him should be the VERY first thing you do, then seek the help of a qualified behaviorist in your area. Dobermans should never be vicious and should never bite their owner, this dog was obviously not socialized or trained correctly. Good luck! April
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