Doberman Questions

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Doberman Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 12/30/2008
I have a 10 month female dobie (spayed)who is losing her hair badly. When you pet her, the hair coats your hand. She began developing skin problems at 4 months which consisted of bumps all over her trunk. I have taken her to the vet SEVERVAL times where a skin scraping was done (negative) and she was diagnosed with an allergy and gave her oral antibiotics, oral steriods (which made her urinate all over herself), omega 3 fatty acid, and hydrocortisone lotion. My vet commented that she was probably allergic to something in her environment, but he felt that referring my dog to a specialist wasn't "necessary." Recently I took her to another vet who has an interest in dermatology who said she didn't have an allergy and instead this was a common condition seen in doberman puupies and that she would grow out of commenting that he was surprised she was still battleing with the condition. Well uncertain of his diagnosis, I switched her dog food to blue buffalo sweet potato and fish and have been trying hard to monitor the treats she eats. well she has been on the dog food for 4 weeks now (if not longer) and is still losing her hair badly.

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1/2/09 Is she a dilute color? A lot of times the dilutes have inherited alopecia. Also check the history of the previous generations on the dog. Ask the breeder for background information on the dam and sire of your dog. Could be a lot of reasons for the hair loss stemming from improper breeding practices. Lisa and Ernie
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