Doberman Questions

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Doberman Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 7/26/2007
how often should i give my doberman a bath? someone please reply

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7/29/07 Depends on how often they're outside. I generally bathe my guys every two weeks or so. More if they're out in the fields running a lot, less if we're hanging out on the couch. I use a gentle shampoo that I dilute with water. You don't want to over bathe Dobes or their skin will dry out. Kendell
8/14/07 I bathe my dogs some times as often as every two days. (they are in the house with the babies.) You won't need to use soap every time. I use very little baby shmapoo if they need it. If their skin is dry and no shine to the coat you are using too much soap or the wrong kind. It's not a big production, I say "bath" they jump in and I hose them off with the shower massage, towel dry, and they are good to go in minutes. Kathleen
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