Doberman Questions

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Doberman Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/17/2007
Hi, I was given a Doberman from a very nice young couple that was unable to care for her. I have had "Roxy" for about two weeks, and we have put her in a training class at PetSmart. There is another female Doberman that is two months older than Roxy and considerablly SMALLER than her. Roxy's feet are HUGE. Are there different types of Dobermans? and when are they full grown? Thanks you. Lisa

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1/26/07 There are many sizes of Dobermans based on their breeding, nutrition and other environmental factors. Generally they are fully grown at 18 months although they continue to develop for another 6 months after that. Good luck with Roxy! Stephen
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1/31/07 A female Dobe should measure 24-26 inches at the shoulder (withers) when fully grown. An average weight range is from 60-75 pounds fully grown. Some pups hit growth spurts at different ages, but then again there are a lot of BYB who "specialize" in over-sized dogs. You can follow this link (or cut and paste it into your browser window)to read the breed standard. Good luck with your new girl! Kendell