Doberman Questions

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Doberman Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 9/7/2006
Hello my name is Matthew Means from straw plains tennessee I have a one year old red doberman I was curious what she should weigh and how tall she would be to be considered healthy. Her health is very important to me I want to make sure she is where she should be at her age. I was also wondering what kind of dog food i should be feeding her she dosen't she to put on weight no matter what i feed her.

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9/27/06 A lot depends on the size of the parents, but as a general rule she ought to be about 24 inches and between 50-60 pounds. That's just an average. If she's skinny and you're looking for a better food, try going with a food that doesn't have corn as a filler. It goes right through them. California Natural, Innova, and Eagle Pack are all ery good... we've had good luck with Nutra dog foods too. Kendell