Doberman Questions

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Doberman Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 8/7/2006
I have a litter of 6-7 week old puppies that are really aggressive with each other, totally out of controll,is this normal? Also the pups are eating dry puppy food at this time and mom is still letting them nurse every once in a while. After a minute of nursing she gets mean with them to stop, and proceeds to steel they're food and chew treats then leaves. It seems like she's just doing it to manipulate them out of they're food and treats. Sould I keep her away from them until her milk dries up or what? We still have puppies available if anyone is interested.

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8/8/06 It's too early for them to be on dry food and they might be hungry, hence creating an aggressive environment. The mother is aggressive towards them to try to wean them, but puppies should NOT be aggressive more than just playing. Have they had any puppy shots yet? Maybe they need to be wormed, could be any number of reasons that they're aggressive, but that could also be why you still have puppies left for sale. I personally wouldn't buy an aggressive pup at all, so I would recommend you take one or two to a vet to see what they suggest. Might want to do a little testing for worms and weigh the pups to make sure they're getting enough to eat. Lisa and Ernie
The Dobieden
8/14/06 Most mothers ween the pups between 5-6 weeks, some as early as 4 weeks. If you're feeding a good quality food that doesn't have corn as a filler, your pups should be fine eating dry food. You can add a quality canned food to their dry food if you think they aren't gaining well. Are they only agressive at meal time or is it all the time? If only at meal time, break them into smaller groups for eating by using more than one food dish. Separate the mother from the puppies when you feed them. She's probably tired of them :-). She's probably spending most of her day away from the puppies now anyway if left up to her. Reduce the mother's feed by half for 3 days while letting her dry up. Kendell