Doberman Questions

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Doberman Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 7/7/2006
my doberman is 16weeks old and has no control of its ears,i see in picters that most dobermans ears are very pointed would that be natraul or do i get them done

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7/9/06 For a dobermans ears to stand they need to be cropped. Talk to your vet about getting it done, most wont do it after they are 11 weeks old though. If your dogs ears are not standing and have never been cropped that meens that they are nuetral. Megan
7/11/06 16 weeks is far too old to have the ears cropped. The ideal time to have the ears done is 8 weeks. If you have them done now they will not stand. Kendell
8/3/06 Every vet has their own preference as to the "perfect" time to crop ears. Most vets we have worked with in the 17 years we've bred dobermans, go with either 20 lbs or 10-12 weeks, whichever comes first. Most of our dobies are larger than the standard, so they go in for ear crops at 8-9 weeks old. That is the best time for us, but may be too early for others. 16 weeks is definitely too old and the breeder and your vet, should have explained that to you prior to this late age if you had asked about the ears. A lot of vets refuse to crops ears altogether, also, so you might not have had that information readily available.... but the breeder should definitely have given you information on the ear crop when you bought the pup. Lisa and Ernie
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8/21/06 The Vets we use will not crop the ears till the puppies are 12 wks old and no later than 16wks. The longer you wait the shorter the crop needs to be. Our Vet also told us that you have until the puppies lose there baby teeth to get the ears to stand after cropping. Reasoning was the cartilage didnít completely harden till then. From experience one dog had trouble with one ear not standing and we continued to tape it until she was 5 months old and they both stand perfect now. We kept them taped for 3-4 days and then took them down for 3-5 day. Cropping takes work, itís not something that they do on there own. Kasey
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