Doberman Questions

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Doberman Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 5/11/2006
We just got a 2 years Blue Doberman for a Dorberman rescue, and she is great. She always licks my hand all the time, how can a break her of this habit. Thank you Quintin

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6/1/06 Dobermans are known to be "velcro dogs" .. in other words, they are right there by your side and very affectionate. When your hand is down at your side, Dobermans will often lift it with their nose and encourage you to pet them. That is many times followed by the Doberman licking your hand .. especially if you are not petting them! This is something we actually adore. But, if you want to break any habit, a technique we often use is to simply wrap your hands around the Dobe's snout not allowing him/her to move or open the mouth. This shows your dominance and it is something they just don't like. Follow with a "no" and a simple command to associate with the undesirable action. For example, "no lick". Of course, you should not be too forceful as you do not want to inflict pain or discomfort. Be sure you are simply confining movement. Hope this helps! Laura
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