Doberman Questions

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Doberman Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 9/16/2005
I'm due to have my first child in feb 2006, my partner wants to get a doberman pup as our other dog (border collie) died. His parents have always kept dobermans and they all say not to worry about bringing a pup up along with a baby, i'm unsure. Any advice?

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9/23/05 If your going to get one get it now. So the dog will be older and out of its adolesent stage. It will be protective of you and the baby most of all. A female would be better but a male would work a little later say when babies waliking for awhile. Kathy
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10/6/05 Dobermans are great family dogs and attach to their human families very deeply. We have never had any trouble with our dogs being around children, however I strongly urge you not to leave them alone together while they are both too young to understand what might hurt the other. Supervision is the key. Good luck with the puppy and baby. Kendell
10/14/05 Dobermans and kids can get along very well together. Always remember to socialize your puppy well to people, kids and situations that you want him/her to accept. Children can be loud and can annoy dogs, you would do well to get the dog now and start socializing him to all those things that kids do, that dogs aren't naturally used to. Sue
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11/16/05 My childhood best friend was a Red Doberman. We got her when I was 6 months old and she died when I was 15. It would be like having two children though, you will want the puppy to be a close part of your pack. (worth it though) Be sure to get one that has been temperment tested, and socialized early. Kathleen
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