Doberman Questions

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Doberman Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 9/5/2005
I have a min-pin and finally purchased ahouse a want a doberman pinscher now. My question is : I want a Doberman around the 50-60lb , female black and tan. Will the runt of the litter be this small or are their smaller breeders of dobermans. Our house and backyard are not that big to accomodate a 90 lb one. Will it look mal-nurished? Do you have any pictures of low weight dobermans? Any breeders names that breed them this small? Thank you, Brian

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9/8/05 there are different sizes of dobermans. my dobes are only 24 inches at the shoulders and wiegh 6o pounds. contact me if you are looking for a pup, i have four girls ready for homes now. i'm in Minnesota. or contact if you just want some information. thanks Tammy
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11/16/05 Why? If you want a 50 LB dog, get a different breed. The standard size for bitches is 24 to 26 inches... at 55 lbs. you have an unhealthy dog. It would be much better for you to get a strong healthy dog of a breed that is suppose to be 50 lbs. Kathleen
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