Chinese Shar-Pei Questions

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Chinese Shar-Pei

Chinese Shar-Pei Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 2/26/2007
I have a mutt that is half shar pei and the other half is probably Rottweiler. My dog is 13 years old and now having back problems. He has seen a vet last week and is on anti inflamatory drugs and pain pills now. My question is, does anyone know how long a dog like this is expected to live? I am hopeing he will live a few more years but I might be just wishful thinking.

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3/6/07 Hello It depends on why he is having back pain. If it is just arthritis medication can give him a comfortable life and mobility. If it is cancer depnding on what kind it will determine in life expectancy. A senoir blood panel might be a good start to see if all his organ functions are normal and a full physical Di
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