Chinese Shar-Pei Questions

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Chinese Shar-Pei

Chinese Shar-Pei Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 8/23/2004
This is the second time it's happened. The vet does't know what it is, and they continue to tell me my shar pei has a unique type of skin. This is something I already know. Can anyone inform me a little better then what the Vet told me.

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10/9/04 This is called mucinosis. Go to this website, sponsored by the National Shar-Pei Club Vet liason, Dr Jeff Vidt.. Everything you need to know about this is on this site. Also Dr Vidt has a link for your Vet to contact him diretly though his website. I hope this helps! Jennifer Jewell Jennifer
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11/5/05 yup he is the best vet i agree with the last reply Carol
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