Chinese Shar-Pei Questions

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Chinese Shar-Pei

Chinese Shar-Pei Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/28/2006
We have a 2 year old male Sharpei who absolutely does not tolerate strangers including children, and other dogs. At home he is the biggest baby and our 1 and 1/2 year old niece can take food out of his mouth and he only wags his tail and licks her. If he does not know you, he is very aggressive. One day we all were sittng out front and when a jogger ran by he broke his tie and ran after him and bit him in the arm when the man turned and yelled at him in a very stern loud voice. Forget about walking him and encountering another dog. He pins the dog down to the ground by the neck..Please help.Does anyone else have these issues..Other wise he sleeps in my lap and is the sweetest dog, as long as he knows you..I have ordered Cesar Millan's DVD. Any other suggestions or anyyone with the same issues?

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2/16/06 Chinese Shar-pei are guardians by nature. It was their job to be predator control, body guards, baby sitters and hunters. It's easy to see why you are having this problem. In order for this breed to be social, it takes alot of socializing at the early stages. They need to meet new people ever day, walks in the park, visits to Petsmart, lots of company in and out of the house. Also it take correction in the beginning when they growl or show any agression towards strangers. Again this must all be done at the early stages. Lastly, and very importantly, you MUST take control of him, if he is not neutered do it ASAP, that will help alot. I would also begin doing obedience with him at home, teach him to SIT and STAY, DOWN and STAY then HEEL and SIT, etc. It puts you in control, then try his commands outside, if need be use a prong collar on him until he respects you. This is s dog that is dangereous obviously and you are lucky that you did not get sued. Debbie
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2/26/06 You should seek some professional help taking control of this dog. He is way out of hand and at 2 years old you will most likely not be able to change him by yourself. I would also be scared to let any children around him anywhere until things change with his attitude. A dog this unstable can turn so fast the child could be very hurt before you could stop him. You need to see that he is not being protective but very aggressive and that makes him VERY DANGEROUS. Crystal
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