Chihuahua Questions

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Chihuahua Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 7/11/2005
I have a person that wants 2 of my chihuahua's and I need to know how old they have to be before you can ship them. And Also what you need in order to get them shipped. Thanks. Email me at

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7/26/05 The airlines (at least Continental) won't even take them till they are 8 weeks old, but they prefer that they are 12 weeks or older...the puppy does better too if they are older than 8 weeks. You will have to have them up to date on vaccinations. They will have to have a health certificate from the vet,an airline approved crate (any crate that is not a fold down, that is durable plastic and has vent holes in it and is the appropriate size for the puppy), and a travel food/water bowl that can hook onto the crate door. You can put up to 2 puppies in the crate (as long as the crate is big enough to hold them both comfortably) for the same shipping charge (give or take a little for the extra weight.) Your best bet is to call the airline you want to use and talk to them. S
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8/1/05 According to most air lines you can ship a puppy after tehy are 8 weeks old. We do not ship our chihuahuas untill they are 2 pounds. We also do not ship if the flight will be over 5 hours. Jamie
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10/25/05 I ship mine if they are over two pounds at 8 weeks under I wait till they are 12 weeks.MUst be a short flight and there is a temp control also at all points.With Delta Robin
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11/5/06 a good breeder never ships...if someone in another state really wants one of my puppies they must come to me. i want to meet everyone in person that i sell to. i can afford to keep every single pup i breed if i have to so i have no reason to ship. Alexis & Steve
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