Chihuahua Questions

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Chihuahua Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 4/25/2005
I have heard of a vouple of different typed of chihuahuas. The apple head is one of them. How many different types are there and what is the difference?

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5/3/05 There are apple heads and deer headed Chi's. Also, I do believe that the Mexican Chihuahua looks a lot different than either type of breed. Troy & Mindy
Troy & Mindy's CKC Long-Haired Chihuahuas
5/28/05 It is my understanding that there are "apple head" chi's and "deer" chi's. However I don't believe the breed standards make any differentiation between the two. It is my understanding that the "apple heads" have an apple shaped head,a shorter nose and a more compact body that is referred to as "cobby". Whereas the "deer" chihuahua's heads resemble that of a baby deer and have leaner and more slender bodies with long legs. Diana
One Dog Run
7/26/05 In the registries' breed standars (AKC and CKC both say this) there are only two recognized varieties of Chihuahua...long coat and short coat. But, there are many different looks to Chihuahuas so people have just started calling them different things. There are "appleheads" and/or "cobby" types. They usually have very domed heads, very short snouts, and shorter legs and bodies. There are also the "deer" type. They usually have flatter heads, longer snouts, and longer legs and bodies. S
ChiChiBabies Chihuahuas
1/25/06 I agree there are only two types able to be classed in registries thats long and short coats. I can tell you there are several varities though in the chihuahua, theres whats called an apple head-really this just tells the type of muzzle and skull type, then theres deer which actually only refers you to a much taller leaner dog not an actual head style, then theres cobb- which actually refers to a style of chi that was big in the 70's in show rings- and personally i think is still the best type for breeding, it is a longer bodied lower to the ground style with a round head(apple)but with ears and a muzzle that clearly point. then theres what people are calling teacups but i'd really rather not go on about those. Alexis & Steve
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