Chihuahua Questions

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Chihuahua Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 4/1/2005
My chihuahua pups were born 3/ll/05 and are very healthy...the mother is Minnie and the father is Mickey. the mother is a year and one half and the father is now 2 years old...they are both Akc registered...when do I ween the pups or does the mother do that? Shots at 8 wks...and sold between 8 and l0 weeks and should I stagger the sales so the Mom remains healthy mentally?

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4/13/05 The mother will start to ween the pups on her own. She will stand while she is feeding and just walk away. But at about 5 weeks, you should introduce them to soft food and gradually work up to hard food. THis will help them transition fully. Also, we give our shots every 6, 9, 12, and then 16 weeks. But every breeder is different, just consult your vet. But you want to make sure the puppy goes nowhere where he can possibly come into other infected dogs (the park, petsmart, other kennels, etc.) until he has had ALL his shots. Chis are so small and can easily contract illnesses. About selling them, my dam never had a problem getting rid of the puppies. But she did look a little for the last one, but that was only because we kept her later than the others. It really depends on your Chi and if she has attachment issues. I really hope this helps. YOu can always email me if you have anymore questions! Troy & Mindy
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11/5/06 omg once again an idiot...why do you have dogs...if you didnt research how to properly breed why would you...are you retarded, mentally defective in some way, plain stupid or clinicaly insane? Alexis & Steve
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