Chihuahua Questions

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Chihuahua Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/8/2011
My 3 month old chihuahua puppy is potty trained but I am having trouble getting her to sleep in her crate? I am home with her all day and due to my back problems and fibromyalgia we spend allot of the day time cuddling in my lap. She isn't asleep all day and plays in my lap. At night I need to crate her or I can not sleep and I need a good nights rest due to the fibro. The first few nights she cried but tired herself out. She cried for about an hour. The last two nights have been much worse. She tore her bedding up and cried for hours. Last night I couldn't take it anymore. I was even wearing earplugs. I heard the crate bouncing across the floor in the kitchen. I took her out of the crate and brought her to bed with me. My husband was upset with me for giving in but I felt that she was suffering since it was getting worse not better. When she tore up the bedding I thought she might end up hurting herself or choking on the torn bedding. She settled down and fell fast asleep for the night. Today I took the crate apart and made it into an open bed and set it in the living room. I put a fluffy pillow, a couple of blankets, and a few of her toys in it. She went in it for about 2 minutes then picked up her favorite toy and jumped up on my lap. If I put her down she just cries at my feet then finds a way to jump up on my lap. I don't mind the day time cuddling at all but at night I have to get rest. What can I do? She was crated from a puppy but that was with other pups. I have bonded with her and don't want to have to give her up but my health comes first. What am I going to do? 2 seconds ago - 4 days left to answer.

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