Chihuahua Questions

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Chihuahua Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 11/10/2009
My Chihuahua has never biten me or anyone else, but, does snap at me when he is sleeping or sick. I am careful not to startle him. My main concern is that when he's in trouble for example something he got in his mouth or today he got his claw caught in his coller while scratching his neck, I can't help him as he'll bite my hand off. He won't let me near him to help him. I felt horrible today when he tried to bite me when I was trying to remove his collar to free him. Finally, he freed himself. What can I do??

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9/24/10 If you find he needs your help in a situation where he may bite out of fear get a thick towel and use it to cover his head. With the towel over his head you want to use one hand to hold it in place securely at the back of his neck keeping his mouth faced in the dirsction away from you. This will allow you use of your other hand to help any situation he might have got himself into. This will do two things, by covering his eyes it will help settle him down and two it will cover his mouth so he can't bite. I have used this technique with great success when I must handle a chihuahua that is scared or acting agressive. Hope this helps! Mandi
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