Chihuahua Questions

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Chihuahua Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 6/26/2009
My chi has two rows of teeth on top front and a couple comming in on the bottom, He has lost the back/side teeth, should I take him to a vet to have them removed?

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8/11/09 The ideal time to have any extra baby teeth removed is when you have your chihuahua spayed or neutered at 6 months. If you are planning to show your chihuahua it is best to have the vet pull baby teeth as soon as possible to ensure that his bite remains correct. Sometimes the teeth will eventually fall out on their own up to 12-18 months of age. If there are still extra teeth at 18 months I would definitely have the vet remove them at that point. Joyce
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9/24/10 Reasons that it is important to remove the second row of teeth are one to keep their bite correct but more importantly because leaving the baby teeth in causes them to rot out the adult teeth alot sooner then they would on their own. Small breeds like the chihuahua already are prone to having bad teeth but leaving the puppy teeth in make it even worse. So in order to do what's best make sure to remove any puppy teeth that are left and make sure to have their teeth cleaned annually starting at 3 years of age. Mandi
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