Chihuahua Questions

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Chihuahua Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 2/18/2005
What did they breed to get the toy variety?

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3/14/05 Most of the toys are bred down from larger dogs of that variety. You just keep breeding the smallest to the smallest. Vickie
Wynhaven Kennel
3/14/05 Used by breeders and kennel clubs to designate very small breeds of dogs kept as pets. Some are selectively bred diminutive forms of larger breeds and others are naturally small. EXAMPLE: Chihuahua , a breed of small toy dog probably of Asian origin. Named after the state of Chihuahua, Mexico, this tiny dog was long believed to have been indigenously Mexican. However, there exist no archaeological remains to support this belief; the animal generally claimed to be the Chihuahua depicted in Toltecan and Aztecan art and described in the writings of early explorers of Mexico is most probably a variety of rodent. It is much more likely that the ancestors of the breed were brought by Spanish merchants by way of their trade route from China, where the practice of dwarfing both plants and animals has had a long history. Today the Chihuahua is widely popular as a house pet. Vicky
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