Chihuahua Questions

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Chihuahua Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 8/17/2008
Our Chihuahua has started to sniff and lick his urine on puppy pads. He also will go to lick it if he has a few drops on the floor. He always has a full bowl of water and plenty of food. He seems very intelligent in many ways but this is tough to know how to handle. We do not want to confuse him by saying bad boy because he goes on the pads 99% of the time and is great in almost every other way. He is 7 months old and has not been neutered yet. We have an appointment for that on the 28th of this month. Any suggestions to break him of this nasty and potentially (unhealthy?) habit? Thank you!

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4/26/10 There could be something in it that is sugar...or it could just be that the hormones in it are very attractive to him. Most male dogs will lick where a female has peed especially if she is in season or about to come into season. There are not many things that will harm him when he does just makes humans sort of sick when they see it! hehehe Have no fear...he may very well stop it when he's been neutered. Karen
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