Chihuahua Questions

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Chihuahua Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 4/8/2004
My chi is a little over a year and a lot lately she's been making kind of grunting noises. I think it might be collapsing trachea....andy suggestions??

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9/1/04 this is a breed problem you need to take her to your vet,they may have to enlarge her not ever breed her as this is a passable disorder to her pups,i do not have this in my line nor have i ever had it thank god. Alexis & Steve
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1/14/05 I wouldn't neccesarily call it collapsed trachea yet. It may be a lesser condition called a "reverse sneeze". The symptoms are very simillar to each other. Only your vet will know what it really is. Here is information on both conditions below. If your dog just has a reverse sneezing problem that would not disqualify them from breeding. If it was a collapsed trachea I would not breed the chi though. "Reverse Sneeze"... Occasional bouts of sneezing, snorting, honking and wheezing are not unusual in chihuahuas, and is sometimes called a "reverse sneeze". This is usually caused by a elongated soft palate that is thought to become temporarily misaligned. It is a common trait in toy breeds. Pulling hard on a leash, drinking too fast or getting overly excited can lead to an episode of reverse sneezing. Reverse sneezing SHOULD NOT be confused with a different condition called "collapsed trachea". Although reverse sneezing may appear to be scary, it only lasts a short time and c Troy & Mindy
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1/14/05 can be ended by massaging the dog's neck and throat and encouraging the dog to swallow or lick. Another way to slow the reverse sneeze is to clap your hands to distract the dog, or pinch closed the dog's nostrils with your fingers, forcing it to breathe through its mouths and to swallow. Collapsing trachea Collapsing trachea is a problem for Toy dogs of many breeds. The symptoms include coughing, shortness of breath, and exhaustion. Although it appears more often in dogs older than 5 years, an occasional puppy has it from birth. To understand the condition, think of the trachea as a straw made of cartilage that carries air from the neck to the chest. When the cartilage collapses, breathing becomes difficult, kind of like sipping soda through a flattened straw. Your vet can treat the condition with medication, but if you smoke, your Chi's prognosis may be poor. Secondhand smoke is a proven contributing factor to the problem . . . and smoke tends to settle low, where a l Troy & Mindy
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1/14/05 little dog's nose is. Troy & Mindy
Troy & Mindy's CKC Long-Haired Chihuahuas