Chihuahua Questions

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Chihuahua Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 3/25/2004
I am interested in buying a teacup chihuahua and I would like to know if there are serious health problems because of their small size. Please email me information or links in regards to that. Thank you, Nava G.

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8/13/04 HI, They can have horrendous problems that are actually the cause for them being so small, not always, we have had some very healthy 2-3 lbers. You need to watch for hypoglycemia, this can be life threatening and very common in the teeny-tinies. Also hydrocephalus, which is often life threatening. Poor kidneys, liver shunt........... Just be very careful where you buy and whom you purchase your pup from. A good, reputable breeder will be happy to answer any and all of your questions, the above problems are not always the case, there are healthy, tiny ones too.They do require a lot more care,and sometimes they are much more fragile. Debbie
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9/1/04 i totally agree with megan on this THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A TEACUP CHIHUAHUA...what your getting into if a breeder is selling a so called teacup is a breed down version chihuahua and most of these are inbred or linebred dogs,done solely for the size without concern for health.these people are frauds and cheats.NO registry allows such terms as teacup or tiny on chihuahuas and the list of heath problems is HUGE you can check my web site for a full list of problems. Alexis & Steve
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10/25/05 I agree with megan. I checked with akc also a nornaml chihuahua is from around 3 lbs all the way to 6lbs the 3 may be low. But I personality call them birth defects.They have lots of problems. I have a litter right now litter of 5 dad weighed around 3.5lbs mom weights around 5lbs. There is one little boy he is adorable. But He eats 4 & 5 times aday small amounts and I give him nutrical..But every ohter morning He goes hyperglycemic. Vet said he isnt sure if he will ever out grow it. So I guess its some where back in there lines way back. But I hate it he is so cute but so sick.So far liver and kidneys are fine. Robin
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