Chihuahua Questions

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Chihuahua Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 9/27/2006
my chiuahua is dark brown and tan and has the markings of a doberman I was told that it is called splash markings is this true? and are there other names for different markings?

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9/29/06 I have always heard them called black with tan markings. Kristy
11/5/06 no your chihuahua is a chocolate and tan and if it has slight white spots on it's chest it has white markings. Alexis & Steve
Vian Kennels Chihuahua's
9/24/10 If it doesn't have white it is Chocolate and Tan or Black and Tan. IF it does have white markings you add that when registering but for a quick and easy way to call its Chocolate Tri or Black Tri. Mandi
Glory Chihuahuas