Chihuahua Questions

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Chihuahua Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 9/11/2006
SO.. my baby is almost 5 months old. She was doing great in my old apartment where we had another dog. I moved about over a month ago into a condo with my friend who has two cats. Now, my puppy is gettin sick weekly. She is already a picky eater and there is one day a week where her stomach bothers her too much to eat anything, followed by constant vomitting. Mostly stomach bile, since she hasn't eaten anything. I took her to the emergency vet a few weeks ago and she was said to potentially have food allergies but it seems that she can eat almost anything and not get sick until this one day a week. She was getting into cat food at first which is why we thought allergies but she can't reach the food anymore and she's still vomitting. The vet said it was possible she may have post systemic shunts, but because she is so active, it is unlikely. She is gaining weight consistently, but getting sick once a week is abnormal. Can someone help????!! Any ideas?

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9/23/06 I would be concerned about some serious problem, but I would try a different food first to make sure it's not her food. I really like Canidae "All Life Stages". You might also supliment her diet w/Nutri-Cal, because sometimes when they have low sugar levels, it causes vomiting, but I would think you would know if it was hypoglycemia related. Just a thought. Good Luck! Kristen
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2/27/07 Has the dog been checked for worms? Sometimes a big infestation can block the GI tract. I have seen it in a dog I rescued. She was fine after treatment. Ruth