Chihuahua Questions

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Chihuahua Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 12/28/2005
how much is a good chinuahua? (Short and long haired)

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1/8/06 I sell mine with a guarantee for $650 so usually about that price you can find a decent one. The ones under that are usually bigger and not as nice. Lis
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1/23/06 Mine are ckc/AKC reg and weigh around 3-4lbs and are just as pretty as the next and mine are priced from $550. up to $600.00 And seome times I have sold for less. In my case it depends on how much I have in the mom and dad on what I have to sell the puppies for. I try and make it where I make a little and the customer want go broke. Robin
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2/19/06 If a breeder has to have a c-section to deliver the pups.........sometimes the prices are more to compensate the overhead. However, you can usually purchase a nice chihuahua, with good blood lines, between $800 to $1000.00 in California. Other States may be lower. Belinda
11/5/06 how much is a pet?...300.00 is about what they are worth ANYWHERE. how much is a show it a pup? then between 800.00 and 1600.00. is it an adult already titled...then up to 5 grand. Alexis & Steve
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