Chihuahua Questions

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Chihuahua Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 12/7/2005
i have a friend who is a chihuahua breder and im on her account but she is gone for a month soo what are common problems w/ chihuahuas?

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12/7/05 Well a healthy well cared for chihuahua should have very little problems. But some health problems seen in chihuahuas are patella luxation, esopigus problems, hypoglasemia, and sezures. Many of these problems can result from over breeding and poor bloodline. It is important to ask the breeder for a vet reference to see if their dogs have been treated for any of these problems that might be hereditary. Jamie
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1/23/06 The biggest thing I have run in to is the hypogylcemia. (Low Blood Sugar) especially in some of the smaller pups (runts)Which can cause seziures to.So I keep a tube of Nutri Cal on hand it works wonders Robin
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11/5/06 Collapsing trachea's-a contdition where the cartilage rings in the trachea are malformed and weak and fall in on themselves causing choking and breathing disorders. Corneal dystrophy-a condition where the cornea of the eye has shallow pits on the surface, this can cause night blindness. Factor VIII deficiency-this is hemophilia type A- it is a clotting disorder of the blood,it is the leading cause of bleeding deaths in all is a sex-linked recessive disorder and is carrier by the female and passed on to male offspring. Hepatic portosystemic shunt-a malformation of the blood vessels in the liver that causes problems in the flow thru the arterie and veins in and around the liver and shortens liver life imparing proper function. Hydrocephalus-abnornal ammounts of fluid collect on the brain,in some cases the fluid can be drained and regularly and the condition may pass without harm. Hypoglycemia-a syndrome where the animal has low blood s Alexis & Steve
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