Chihuahua Questions

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Chihuahua Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 12/7/2005
are chhuahuas naturally mean or is it the way they are raised

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12/7/05 Temperment is somthing that is passed through bloodline. You can take a puppy that is from a mean bloodline and raise it with a nice puppy that is from a good bloodline and they other will still be nasty. We stress temperment in our breeding! We have kept in contact with all our past puppy buyers and they have raved about how nice and well manered their puppies are. Stay clear of big breeders and puppy mills as these puppies are more likely to be ill tempered due to lack of handling. Our puppies are raised in our home and handled daily from birth! Jamie Elliott's Chihuahuas Jamie
Elliott's Chihuahua
1/23/06 I agree with Jamie. But I do feel it has alot to do with how the puppy is treated. If they are imprinted at birth and played with socialized. Mine too are raised in my house and played wiht all the time like little people.Now dont get me wrong I have a few adults that love people in general. But sometimes theuy dont take a likeing to a certain person. But they say dogs are good judges of people Robin
Robins Furry Friends
1/25/06 90% of all Chihuahuas once adult, have some type of stranger aggression. It is a breed trait for them to be wary. Alot of people think that fear nipping is being's not it's being self would you feel if something 5 feet taller and 100+ heavier then you was suddenly reaching out for you. The good news is I have been doing rescue on this breed for 15 years and never once have I failed to win over a may take weeks to get them calmed down but they always always adjust. Alexis & Steve
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