Chihuahua Questions

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Chihuahua Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 9/12/2005
Hi, my 6.5 lb, 8 mos old chi has been wheezing or "reverse sneezing" a lot recently. I am wondering if there is any chance he is alergic to something or if i am just over-reacting..i worry when he really gets going and it takes me awhile to calm him down. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. is this normal?

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9/19/05 Hello, The "reverse sneezing" is quite common in chihuahuas. I find that mine seem to do it more in the fall. I do not know why. Sometimes blowing in their face, or gently startling them will make them quit. Of course you have to love them up after startling them. It does not harm them and is just a chihuahua thing. MCM Chihuahuas Gayle Gayle
MCM Little Chihuahua Wonders
12/7/05 The chihuahua breed can be prone to esophigas problems. It is important to ask breeders about their bloodlines and ask for a vet reference to see if their animals have been treated for such problems. Jamie
Elliott's Chihuahua
11/5/06 breed problem...colapsing trachea Alexis & Steve
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