Chihuahua Questions

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Chihuahua Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 9/4/2005
Are chihuahas nice and good with kids and arownd people? Do they snap or bark a lot? I have a family with 3 kids and a naghborhood with naghbors that like Quite.

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9/11/05 I would recommend a cocker spaniel for children. Diane
DandD Cocker Spaniels and Chihuahuas
9/26/05 It is all in the socialization of the pup. Properly socialized a chihuahua pup will do great with children. i have 4 of my own. and 6 daycare children. my dogs do great with the kids. LORI
10/25/05 Socialization. I have kids and chihuahuas.I wouldnt suggest small children or babies with chihuahua.The children could hurt the dog. Robin
Robins Furry Friends
11/5/06 lol i've been grooming for 20 yrs and cockers for kids my ass...cockers bite more people then pitbulls. a chihuahua raised in your home will like the people who live in the will with age bark, growl and bite stranger in 90 percent of the dogs. Alexis & Steve
Vian Kennels Chihuahua's
6/25/07 It all depends upong how the chihuahua has been treated in the past. If raised with children who do not poke, tease, pull, twist, yank, or do any other horrific act to the chihuahua, it will be fine around children. Typically, what I find happens, the dog, as it becomes older, becomes aggrivated by a small child, then associated small child with a defensive growling, barking, and biting. I have four adult chis, a lab, a "teddy bear" and 7 chi puppies currently, and out of them all, the only one that has even been aggitated with a small child is my male Scrappy-doo. He was teased by my youngest son. My youngest son is now aware of the teasing, and not to do it- but things like this do happen even when you think you are paying great attention. My youngest son is the only one my chi associates this with, and is re-learning how to trust my youngest son. Think about it- it is not the dog or the breed. If you as a person were beaten as a child, or teased excessively, or been trea sandi
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