Chihuahua Questions

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Chihuahua Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 8/16/2005
This woman sold us a Chi (4 yr old 10 lb) for $350 now is suing us saying the dog's value was $2000! She tried to kidnap (we now have a police report etc) We've hired a lawyer and will have to fight her unrealistic charges. We have the cancelled check, ad from paper, witness to sale and now her police record as well. Still have to do the court thing. Her name is Nallie from Dania Beach Fl.

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10/9/05 I am sorry you had to encounter such a harsh person. I hope things work out for you. julie
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11/5/05 I don't know why she is saying the dog is worth that much if it is 10 lbs, she can't put it in shows.. She just saw other people getting that much money and she is trying to get it her self, which I sale chi's and would NEVER charge someone $2000.... Don't care How small or what color! Patricia
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11/5/06 you were taken for a ride buying a dog that size and calling it a chihuahua to begin with. Alexis & Steve
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