Bouvier des Flandres Questions

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Bouvier des Flandres

Bouvier des Flandres Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 3/31/2005
hi from england so good to view your sight.I have recently become interested in this breed after deciding as a family married with three children to look for another dog as a companion for my 5 year old standard poodle and moggy. Are they a Breed that mix well with other animals? Is it a trend that most breeders look to sell their pups as show dogs rather than pets? appreciate any help you could give me and look forward to your reply.

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4/8/05 Why not call me and we can talk this over. I live in Florida. My number is: 352-344-5207 We do not look to sell out dogs to show people, we raise working and pet bouviers. Thanks, Margret Margret
Anders Bouviers
3/2/06 Bouviers, like any other dog, do well with the right envirnment and training. There are different 'styles' of Bouvier', as well as variences of temperament within a litter! It would do you well to reseach the breeder from which you might decide to obtain a Bouvier..making sure that they are comitted to finding the right puppy for you. There are breeders of the Bouvier in England... I would suggest that you go to a dog show and to a couple of breeders homes to visit with the Bouvier. My dogs ARE show dogs from dogs that do the owrk for which the Bvoueir was originally intended..herding, carting, companion to the family While mine do accell in the 'show ring', what I first look for is a good home! Some breeders are only concerned that the dog go into a show home. Look futher..Find a breeder who does more than 'just raise puppies'. Find some one who has well manner, good looking dogs, that have generations of health testing behind their dogs. Every minute you put into your Mary
Kashers Star Bouviers