Bernese Mountain Dog Questions

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Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 5/10/2005
My six year old female Bernese was recently diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma. Does anyone have any treatments or suggestions pretaining to this disease? Please help.

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7/4/05 Hi, I do know that with cancer in dogs, its best to feed a low Carb, high protein, high fat diet. Do you raw feed or Kibble feed?? Patti
LD Legacies
7/20/09 Sadly cancer is a big deal in this breed. A study done in the states showed 60% of Bernese die around age seven/eight of cancer. It has always bothered me that the BMD club of Canada says Bernese live to be seven or eight. But they do not say because they will die of cancer at that age. A lack of clarification that has always troubled me. Can I suggest that you go to a site called Berner L and seek help there. Also a site Natural Berner may have a lot of advise on diet. Please know my heart is with you and best of luck to you. Bernadette