Bernese Mountain Dog Questions

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Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 12/12/2004
My 8 year old Bernese mtn Dog is drinking way more water than usual, is urinating frequently and also losing excessive amounts of fur. He is eating well, but appears to be losing weight. Despite this he has energy and is happy.My vet is unsure of the problem. Does anyone out there have some advice for me?

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7/4/05 Just a quick thought, have you run a blood panel on thsi dog? checked Thyroid? I had a Female Berner who did this and her thyroid was way out of whack. Once she was on meds, she did pretty good. Patti
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8/13/09 I agree with Patti. Thyroid could be the issue. Or Kidney problems, what is the protein levels that are fed to the dog. I would have an upper and lower x-ray done for tumors. Sorry to bring up the possibility of the big "C". But with this breed it is the first thing I look at especially with the age of 8. Bernadette
8/24/09 I was doing a little research on the symptoms you describe. Has your Vet checked for diabetes? i think that could be a real possibility Bernadette