Bullmastiff Questions

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Bullmastiff Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 7/30/2005
when looking at buying a bullmastiff as a puppy, should i ask to see the parents and see how they look and interact or does that matter?

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8/9/05 You should always ask if the dam is on site, especially if they are less than 8 weeks old. They should also be seen with all the litter mates. A Bullmastiff should really be raised with the entire whelp until 10-12 weeks of age, this assures that they are socialized and will be better adaptable. Occasionally, the sire's owner will get one of the puppies back, then it is ok if the puppy was not taken too early Gail & Terry
Cypress Run Bullmastiffs
8/18/05 It is definetly a plus to see both parents and to ask for any health clearances and references. Of course that is not always possible. I am lucky to have both parents for my owners to see and love on. I have found that good temperments can be developed by the new family and how much they socialize and introduce the puppy to different experiences. My pups go home at 8 weeks and have adjusted wonderfully to their new homes. I recently did a rebreeding from a litter born a year ago and I have heard nothing about how wonderful they are with family and children and other pets but yet are protective of their family, which is what they were bred to do. It is a good idea to visit the kennel before buying if possible. Wanted to share!! Thanks Tina Johnson, T.J.'s Bullmastiffs Tina
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