Bullmastiff Questions

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Bullmastiff Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 7/30/2005
We just built a house on 4 acres of land and we are looking at getting some dogs. I want a bullmastiff and my fianc'e wants a golden retriever. Do bullmastiffs get along with other dogs? If they do, will it be ok to get a bullmastiff that is around 6 months to a year old (spayed) and put it with a golden ret.or do we need to get them as puppies (weeks old )and raise them together? thanks

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8/9/05 Could work, but may not! Just depends on male vs female and alpha or not. Female alpha's are very assertive if you get another dog. Make sure they like each other first. Gail & Terry
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12/13/05 As long as you are only getting the two and they are of opposite sex you should be ok. The ABA rescue has a 4 month old pup right now. Marie
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