Bullmastiff Questions

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Bullmastiff Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 2/8/2005
My 13month Bullmastiff has a ton of allergy issues and Vet visit after Vet visit it is the same thing allergies, I just wamted to know what types of things anyone can recommend to me in regards to specific food recipies or store bought food, recurrent hot spots. Please help. My baby is suffering!

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2/8/05 You didn't say what you were feeding. I use Diamond lamb and Rice which has some Omega Fatty Acids. I like a product called Shed Stop which helps the coat. It cuts back on some of the shedding but I hardly ever have any problems with hotspots. It puts oil into the coat among other important nutrients. Be aware that some dog foods have corn and some dogs have allergies to that. The food I feed does not. I have also heard of wheat causing problems among with other additives. Besides food allergies dogs can have bad reaction to fleas. Also how often do you bath your dog and what do you use? Believe it or not I use Murphy's oil soap for the bath. It has vegtable oil in it and I use it before a show and it makes my Magnum shine. It also helps deter any fleas. Anyway I hope this helps. Let me know how it goes. Tina Johnson, T.J.'s bullmastiffs, tjbulls@direcway.com Tina
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