Bullmastiff Questions

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Bullmastiff Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 11/17/2007
We have a puppy bullmastiff, he is 5mo old and he has problems with his eyes. He keeps rubbing them and sometimes he keeps them closed. Most of the time he has one closed all the time. The vet said he has an allergy.

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11/20/07 bullmastiff have eyetropea im not sure of the spelling,but you can wash out eye with saline,use vitiman E it should help or stop problems Pat
Winkle's Redbud Kennels
11/25/07 sounds like you need to take your puppy to an eye specialist and get his eye clearance. He could have etropion and need surgery before he does lots of eye damage that could lead to blindness. This needs to be done ASAP. Please let me know how it goes. TJ's Bullmastiffs Tina
TJ's Bullmastiffs