Bullmastiff Questions

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Bullmastiff Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/4/2006
I'm in the process of buying a bullmastiff pup. I've been doing some reserch on them and so far I like everything about them. So my question is .Do they drool and slobber alot or olny when they eat and when they are hot. In other words there not just standing with drool coming down there face.

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1/12/06 Great Question! Most Bullmastiffs will not be excessive droolers. But those that have the shorter muzzle and longer flues (sp) will have more than others. And Males will also drool more than females. But every now and again you will get one that drools at the "sound" of food! open anything and they start. And some some will get foamy when they eat, this trait is usually hereditary, and you should see it while they are pups. If you look on my site, Gus is my foamer, but he really does not drool very much. They are great companions and you are doing some good research. Gail Gail & Terry
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5/19/06 Hello, I have been owned by Bullmastiffs since 1993....Some drool more than others......They all will drool after drinking or eating, but I am in love with this breed, so I just keep slobber towels around the house, to wipe mouths when necessary. Lisa Helms Granite Hill Bullmastiffs Lisa
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