Bloodhound Questions

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Bloodhound Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 6/14/2005
I realise that Bloodhounds have the instinct to follow a sent and wonderaway from home. Is their a way that you can train and be sure that your bloodhound will not run away?

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7/26/05 I know this is silly but the only way to keep them from running away is to have them in pen or on a leash. the scent to a hound is just to powerful no matter how well trained. It is not that they ignore you they just simply do not hear you. Sandra
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8/22/05 A bloodhound should NEVER be offleash. It's scentdrive is unbelievably strong and if he hits a scent, there ain't no way he's going to pay any attention to you. That's what they are made for, its what they do best. A well fenced yard is the only way to go. Invisible fencing doesn't even work. Patrina
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